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Cleteci IMac

Web Development.

We have full stack development teams experienced in different programming languages to provide solutions according to each client's architectural guidelines.

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Mobile Development.

We implement hybrid or native solutions for iOS and Android. We offer a development approach focused on services usage to create maintainable and scalable solutions.

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Product Discovery.

We provide the means of a creative atmosphere with professionals from different specialties so as to conceptualize the product based on the user story maps.

Custom developments

Conceptualization, Design and Development of Solutions are provided, according to the current business requirements, without losing sight of the scalability and future challenges of each platform. We build software that lasts!

Software maintenance

If your business demands it, we use technological transfer techniques to understand the existing solutions, controlling operating platforms to undertake new
features developments.

Conceptualization (MVP)

Definition of minimum viable product (MVP). Hand-in-hand with the client, screen sketches (wireframes) and non-functional prototypes are reviewed in order to create ideas for potential functionalities.


We use Product Development Units with an integral work team to create a Software Factory. This Model will enable a full time team working to meet the needs of a client's project portfolio.

IT strategy

Depending on the strategy of every business, in addition to the development of new features, our service includes the evolution of infrastructures for greater scalability, more security and the integration of new apps.

CTO as a Service

We provide strategy and consulting services for companies of all sizes, defining planning, development practices, technology stack,
new talent connections and platform operations.

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